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Tomas Ledell

Tomas has many years of experience in the field of sales, (pre-)consulting and account management. His focus has been on customer needs and utilizing an E2E executional capability mindset. Currently, Tomas is Anamata’s ambassador in the Nordics region.
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Anamata Community

The Anamata community is a lively group of eager, ambitious and thoughtful consultants. Within this community, experiences are shared and new ideas come to live. There are active support channels where people can reach out for help. Occasionally, community events are organized to support innovative change and exchange ideas and experiences. And have fun on the side.

Community MVPs

The following Community Members stand out for their contribution to the Anamata community and their ability to carry out the Anamata footprint in the world of Low-code.

Bas Meeuwissen
Jerry Loman
Jason Teunissen
Linoy Alexander