Quality Awareness Scan

Assess your processes

Learn your improvements

Define your roadmap

Improve your processes

With unique expertise, Anamata is able to execute the QA scan in a period of 2-4 weeks. The scan focuses on people, processes and tools, and delivers a report with findings, conclusions and an actionable roadmap. The outcome enables clients on their journey towards their desired business & IT objectives. With the QA scan, Anamata helps to improve speed, quality and efficiency.

In detail

Step 0: Kick-Off

Get Commitment & Alignment

Initiating the scan through a plenary meeting involving all team members and stakeholders to secure consensus on the scope and commitment for collaboration.

Step 1: Determine goals

Interview with senior Business & IT Management

Thoroughly explore business, functional, and technical objectives and risks, involving both Business and IT.

Step 2: Analyze

Analyze current way of working

Through team sessions and supplementary assessments of tools & processes, we examine the current way of working.

Step 3: 1-on-1 interviews

1-on-1 interviews with individual team members

By conducting interviews with individual team members, we will thoroughly explore specific topics.

Step 4: As-is

Define as-is situation

Through the evaluation of interview results and assessments, we will collectively analyze the outcomes with the stakeholders and determine the present state.

Step 5: North star

Define future state

We delve into the platform’s potential, examine best practices, individual knowledge and to-be processes. We will discuss how to customize it for your organization to be future-ready.

Step 6: Roadmap

Prioritize and create roadmap

Throughout this intensive workshop, we collaborate with management and the project team to prioritize tasks and establish a roadmap for the future.

Step 7: Final presentation

The outcome

In this concluding session, we provide the team with a comprehensive presentation of our findings, conclusions, and recommendations. This includes an actionable roadmap for you to implement.

Next steps on your journey

Coaching and continuous support

Should you require assistance, the experts at Anamata are readily available to support you throughout the process.

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