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The Anamateers

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Emiel Joosten

Emiel is an experienced Mendix consultant with a proven track record in the low-code domain as a DevOps consultant. Emiel is certified Mendix Expert and aims to be the best low-code business consultant in the world. And beyond.

Kateryna Zinovieva

Kateryna is an enthusiastic Pega QA Engineer with a solid background in Machine Learning and Data. She has more than 5 years of experience in testing and QA. Kateryna is open, thoughtful, and always eager to contribute her expertise to collaborative projects.

Michel Kraaij – van den Berg

Michel is a multi-disciplinary developer and a sort of ‘jack of all trades”. With his extensive Pega knowledge Michel doesn’t limit his support to the strict boundaries of his profession, but helps where and when he can. When things need to get done, he’s the guy they call.

Ad Vossenaar

Ad is an experienced entrepreneur with years of experience. He supports, coaches and facilitates new businesses with enthusiasm and empathy.

Ursula Alberto

Ursula is an experienced low-code tester with extensive experience in supporting, developing and testing web applications. While being passionate about process optimization and quality awareness, Ursula also understand the challenges that come with the ever-changing aspects of business operations. Having worked at Mendix herself, she has extensive knowledge of agile working, the Mendix Platform and the software development process in general.

Peter Noordijk

Peter is active in the international Pega Ecosystem since early 2012. In typical (interim) management roles Peter has been responsible for Pega project delivery for international clients. His background in quality assurance makes him a strong partner for designing and executing a controlled Pega project delivery.

Bas van Opstal

Bas has a strong technical background in low-code. Bas is Pega CSSA certified, is co-author of the Pega DevOps & Testing training and holds a Mendix advanced certification. Bas has experience as a Developer, BA, Tester, Scrum master and Team lead.

Tomas Ledell

Tomas has many years of experience in the field of sales, (pre-)consulting and account management. His focus has been on customer needs and utilizing an E2E executional capability mindset.

Rachelle Leons

After her study Business IT & Management, Rachelle started working in the low-code business. She has experience in both Pega and Mendix, and her current focus is Mendix. With a solid background in quality, Rachelle is aiming to be an allround Mendix Consultant, aiming for first-time-right deliveries.

Marc Hartogs

With his many years of experience, and very wide and deep knowledge as a Pega Lead System Architect, Marc can put in place everything needed for efficient delivery of excellent software and he has become a highly appreciated member or lead of many teams.

Saviera Terbeek

Saviera is a dedicated consultant with a strong ability to quickly recognize the business needs. With a strong background in quality assurance, Saviera has the drive to deliver high-quality and user friendly software as a Pega Consultant.

Marc Hulsman

Marc is a determined Pega DevOps consultant with experience in the banking industry, government and Retail. Marc is constantly alert to identify and implement improvements through reach high speed, high quality delivery.

Jelle Schutte

Jelle wants IT innovations to be successful for his clients and their customers. He has developed a clear vision on rapid software delivery. His vision reflects in a quote as “Done is Live”.

Manon Kovács

Manon is a dedicated and driven low-code specialist with 4 years of experience. She is specialized in test automation and very eager to learn more about low-code development. Manon likes to take initiative in projects and works well under pressure. She prefers to work in teams in a DevOps environment.

Wietse Schutte

Traveling makes us hungry. Wietse spoils the Anamateers with delicious food, inspired by recipes all over the world.

Ezra Hulsman

Ezra is a junior Pega consultant with a background in Computer Science. Eager to learn, and with his technical knowledge on the one hand and his social skills on the other, he knows how to translate customer requirements into reliable solutions.
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Anamata Community

The Anamata community is a lively group of eager, ambitious and thoughtful consultants. Within this community, experiences are shared and new ideas come to live. There are active support channels where people can reach out for help. Occasionally, community events are organized to support innovative change and exchange ideas and experiences. And have fun on the side.

Community MVPs

The following Community Members stand out for their contribution to the Anamata community and their ability to carry out the Anamata footprint in the world of Low-code.

Bas Meeuwissen
Jerry Loman
Jason Teunissen
Linoy Alexander