A new tagline: Quality from the Heart

Last month, we had a meeting with a group of Anamateers to discuss our strategy for the coming years and we decided to define a new tagline: Quality from the Heart.

Until now, we used ‘Developing the future. Today’. We were not completely satisfied with this tagline. It did not sound unique (even Pegasystems now has a tagline ‘Transform for tomorrow’…… you’re welcome Pega) and it was too imperative for us. We wanted a tagline that stood up for our beliefs, showed confidence, was sincere ánd original.

And we think we found it: Quality from the heart.

Quality from the Heart


For me, there are multiple explanations supporting this new tagline.
Firstly, the literal meaning of ‘from the heart’ is ‘sincere’. Most low-code organizations originate from the perspective of development: learn how to develop with the platform and the rest will come. Anamata finds its origin in the quality domain: from testing low-code applications to building high-quality applications. This means we know how to include quality focus in low-code projects. So when we say that Anamata stands for quality, we cannot be more sincere.

Not only development should know – and use – the platform; test, business analysts, ops engineers: all must know the platform to increase speed and efficiency.

Quality from the Heart of the Platform

Secondly, ‘from the heart’ refers to the core of the low-code platform. Anamata’s low-code consultants know how the platform can contribute to the quality and speed of delivery. Not only development should know – and use – the platform; test, business analysts, ops engineers: all must know the platform to increase speed and efficiency. Multiple times, I have seen projects where only the developers knew the ins and outs of a platform. This often led to miscommunication, overly complex requirements and inefficient testing.

Quality from Heart of the user

Always in the mind of an Anamateer: the heart of the user. By continuously empathizing as an end-user in every role during the process and actively involve stakeholders, Anamateers make sure they are building the right thing. Too often, requirements are still used as a single source of truth when a new feature is being built, while there is another powerful source at hand: the user. By using common sense, questioning ‘what would a user do?’ and involving users, issues can be resolved before they even occur.

Quality from the Heart of Anamata

Last, but definitely not least, for me, Quality from the heart also refers to the Anamateers. I strongly believe that quality care for the Anamateers is one of the most important keys to success. I want to build an environment where every unique Anamateer can grow, have fun, and is appreciated for who he/she is and who they want to be. This cannot be achieved by a single proces, but should be personal and contextual.

To me, this is what Quality from the Heart stands for. It puts quality in the center of our approach and pursues our mission: “Everyone has the right to enjoy first-time right implementations”.

And I personally love the new tagline.

Some find it cheesy; I find it Quality… from the Heart.

Bas van Opstal
Bas van Opstal

Bas is one of the Founders of Anamata. He shares his thoughts and experiences in the Anamata stories. Bas has a strong technical background in low-code. Bas is Pega CSSA certified, is co-author of the Pega DevOps & Testing training and holds a Mendix advanced certification. Bas has experience as a Developer, BA, Tester, Scrum master and Team lead.