Business Excellence in Low-code

Inspiration and Foundation

Over the past two and a half years, Anamata, under the shared vision of my co-founder Bas van Opstal and myself, has embarked on a transformative journey, driven by a deep insight into the low-code sector. Our experience, including my own for more than fifteen years in a testing company, revealed the challenges in achieving optimal quality outcomes in low-code development. It wasn’t just about identifying issues, but also the lack of a comprehensive approach to quality awareness throughout each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This realization was crucial in founding Anamata. Our commitment focuses on developing future-ready applications of the right quality, supported by the right processes. Our approach aims for continuously ‘first time right’ implementations, proactively addressing quality issues and ensuring our solutions are ready for the future.

Vision for the Future

The name ‘Anamata’, Maori for ‘visions of the future’, encapsulates our forward-thinking ethos and dedication to sustainable, effective solutions in the low-code landscape. It’s a daily reminder of our promise to not only meet our clients’ current needs but to proactively anticipate and shape the future in low-code technology.

Our Ethos: Quality from the Heart

At the heart of Anamata is our ethos of ‘Quality from the Heart’. This philosophy goes beyond technical expertise in low code, encompassing genuine relationships, transparency, and a positive, growth-oriented environment. Our continuous approach to quality ensures enduring excellence in every aspect of our work in the low-code sector.

Expanding our Reach in the low-code world

In 2023, our expansion into the Nordics marked a significant chapter in Anamata’s story. This strategic move was more than just a geographical expansion; it was a deliberate step towards understanding and meeting the diverse needs of our clients in terms of low code technology, quality, and business outcomes.

The ‘M-Shaped’ low-code professional

Our strength lies in our ‘M-Shaped’ professional model, featuring team members with extensive expertise in key low-code platforms like Pega and Mendix, combined with a broad understanding of various business and technology aspects. This enables faster, high-quality project delivery and long-term efficiency in the low-code landscape.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

In working with clients, we’ve addressed numerous challenges within the low-code landscape, focusing on issues such as reducing time-to-market and enhancing application quality. Our collaborative approach has consistently led to improved efficiencies and superior outcomes that align with our clients’ needs in the low code domain.

Innovation and Future Initiatives

Looking ahead, we are excited about unveiling new initiatives that underscore our commitment to innovation and customer value in the low-code domain. These developments will enhance our capabilities and provide more comprehensive solutions.

Join us in the Low-code Journey

If your organization faces challenges in the low-code sector, Anamata is here to help. We invite you to join us in transforming these challenges into reality for growth and advancement in the low-code landscape.

A Glimpse into the Future: Governance and Enablement

Looking forward, we are excited to delve into further discussions in our next article, where we will explore critical topics such as governance and enablement in the low-code landscape. These areas are pivotal to the success of any low-code initiative, and at Anamata, we have developed unique insights and strategies that we are eager to share. Stay tuned as we unfold the nuances of effective governance and the ways in which enablement can drive both efficiency and innovation within organizations embracing low-code technologies.

Reflecting on Our Journey

Reflecting on our journey, we are filled with pride and anticipation for the future. Our unwavering commitment to continuous quality, innovation in low code technology, and our core values drives us forward. We are excited about exploring new horizons in low code solutions and invite you to join us in this journey of shared success.

Peter Noordijk
Peter Noordijk

Peter is active in the international Pega Ecosystem since early 2012. In typical (interim) management roles Peter has been responsible for Pega project delivery for international clients. His background in quality assurance makes him a strong partner for designing and executing a controlled Pega project delivery.