First miles on my new journey

My journey

Six months ago, I started a new journey, I co-founded Anamata. Like every journey you go on, nothing will go exactly as planned and you learn a lot. This journey was no exception.

We founded Anamata because we want to solve an issue:

”Increase business value by building first time right applications that aren’t ready for today, but are also built for the future”


Our ambition is to achieve this with a team of great people who are experts in their domain which we called the M-Shaped Anamateer. With personal attention for our team, understanding what moves us and each individual.

Core values

During the last months we spoke with a lot of people that want to join Anamata, not because we are just another Pega DevOps company , but because of our core values and unique vision. I never expected that many people wanted to join Anamata, because of this. It touches me that most of the people in the community want to change the way they develop applications, but they don’t get the opportunity to improve. 


At Anamata, we strive for a team of highly skilled Pega consultants. Being highly skilled means that you are up to date with the newest version of Pega. Furthermore, it means that you are up to date with other disciplines that are required to achieve a successful, first time right, future ready delivery. Hence: The M-shaped Anamateer. I’m proud that this resonates in almost all conversations I had the last months. This is exactly why we founded Anamata.


As I mentioned, nothing goes exactly as planned. Entrepreneurship, for me is focusing on a destination while enjoying the journey together with a great team so you can overcome the unpredictable. I’m sure we will amaze the community soon with the propositions we are working on. This last six months, we built Anamata. Not only for today, but to fit the future: future-ready. Follow Anamata and for our latest developments.

Six months ago, I started a journey, and what a journey it is. I want to thank my fellow travelers for an amazing departure. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun, we are going to amaze people with new initiatives, and we will lead by example.

Peter Noordijk
Peter Noordijk

Peter is active in the international Pega Ecosystem since early 2012. In typical (interim) management roles Peter has been responsible for Pega project delivery for international clients. His background in quality assurance makes him a strong partner for designing and executing a controlled Pega project delivery.