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Enabling the power of low-code with Mendix

Anamata empowers the customer to join us in creating optimal customer journeys and future ready applications . Anamata revolves around empowering people, putting them in the center of success, creating the highest business value for today and tomorrow.

Anamata helps clients by delivering first time right & future ready Mendix applications. Anamata delivers high quality apps without losing the quick time-to-market. To achieve this, we make use of our own Mendix DevOps Approach; a combination of Mendix’ own best practices, amplified with the Anamata way of working.
With our experience in different low-code/no-code tooling and our background in quality assurance, our Mendix Consultants will bring the Mendix delivery process to new heights. 

First-time right

By using Mendix’ best practices, Anamata puts the business outcome first and focuses on the outcome during the full delivery lifecycle. Anamata makes sure the right solution is provided as desired, without any rework needed.

Continuous feedback

Anamateers are continuously verifying the solution with stakeholders to make sure the right solution is being provided. By creating a delivery structure that enforces quality checks during the lifecycle, feedback becomes a continuous proces.


Agile is in our DNA. We adapt change and are always looking for ways to improve our processes to reach higher quality output. By involving the customer in the way of working, we make sure every improvement is transparent and beneficial for both.

Multidisciplinary DevOps teams

From the brain to the business: Anamateers know how to transform ideas into working software. Anamateers are multidisciplinary, meaning that they are able to handle different aspect of the software delivery proces. This ensures that a small team of Anamateers is able to handle the delivery, operation and maintenance of Mendix applications,

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