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M-shaped Mendix Consultant

With Mendix development you might easily go fast, but you can easily go fast in the wrong direction. The project team as a whole should be responsible for planning, development, testing, deployment, monitoring, operations. In other words; multidisciplinary is a must.

A new tagline: Quality from the Heart

Until now, we used ‘Developing the future. Today’. We were not completely satisfied with this tagline. It did not sound unique (even Pegasystems now has a tagline ‘Transform for tomorrow’...... you’re welcome Pega) and it was too imperative for us. We wanted a tagline that stood up for our beliefs, showed confidence, was sincere ánd original.

Let’s go!

I’m proud to announce that as per today, May 1st, I will start a new adventure. I’m starting a new company, Anamata. Anamata embraces the Next-Gen Pega expert.

Hello world

Hi Friends, You know me better than you think. We met before. I believe I inspired you at one of the PegaWorlds. Was it in the Lobby Bar, Whiskey Bar, Hakkasan, or Omnia?