Hello world

Hi Friends,

I am Anamata, next-gen Pega expert.

You know me better than you think. We met before. I believe I inspired you at one of the PegaWorlds. Was it in the Lobby Bar, Whiskey Bar, Hakkasan, or Omnia?

Or was it at World of Beers? Starbucks? Or one of the CES events in London, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Detroit, Istanbul or Washington?

I forgot. One thing is for sure: I will inspire you again in the near future. Because you know that I help clients building the future. Today!

I am an expert in Pega. I have years of experience in helping clients getting the best out of their software implementation. So let’s drink a cup of coffee again. Or a Sam Adams, have a game of ping pong, a queen’s gambit or a dance!

Are you excited?

I am. And I hope to meet you soon.

With love, Anamata.


Hi my friend, I am Anamata, next-gen Low-Code expert.